Preschool Montessori Program

Our preschool areas are prepared and designed to meet your child’s needs: social, physical, emotional and psychological. Our teachers work with each child individually and in group settings.

Montessori Preschool Environment

In the preschool Montessori environment all the materials are neatly kept on the shelves. Everything in the classroom has a place. Once the child is finished with a material he/she puts the material back on the shelf where it belongs. The teacher works with each child individually and in groups.

The Montessori philosophy believes that the children should be allowed to do things for themselves and be as independent as possible.

Our preschool areas are prepared environments that promote individual work, designed to meet your child’s needs (social, physical, emotional, and psychological). It will aid your child toward independence and self-care, while building social skills, grace, and courtesy.

Our classrooms offer activities in the following areas: Practical Life, Language, Science, Math, Geography, Art, Sensorial, Manipulatives and Music. We also offer Yoga and The SMART programs (Stimulated).

Schools and child care are convenient to Eagan and Inver Grove Heights, and the surrounding areas of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemount, South St. Paul and West St. Paul.