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Our Childcare and Montessori Programs are convenient to Eagan, Rosemount, Burnsville, and Apple Valley MN.

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Eagan Montessori Academy South is convenient to Eagan, Burnsville, Rosemount, and Apple Valley MN.

Eagan Montessori Academy and Child Care enjoys a fantastic reputation for the school’s dedication to a strong academic program along with an experienced staff dedicated to preparing students for ongoing success.

Eagan Montessori Academy South offers programs for Newborns and InfantsToddlersPreschool and Pre-K & Kindergarten children. Additionally, children can participate in Gifted, Talented & Stem and S.M.A.R.T. More than child care and nursery school: We use the Montessori Method of education along with Creative Curriculum, as well as input from our talented teachers.

Hot lunches are provided but parents can provide their own lunches for children if desired. Creative learning spaces, and a healthy and fun learning environment are prepared daily, providing an excellent educational experience for your child. We offer a safe environment. All staff members are First Aid and CPR certified and have SUIDS and AHT training. Staff members have also passed FBI and DHS background checks.

Our Childcare and Montessori Programs serve children from 6 weeks to 8 years of age in the Twin Cities South Metro.

Readers Choice Award 2024, Best Montessori School

We’re a Readers Choice Award Winning Montessori School: 2017-2024!

Our Montessori schools enjoy a fantastic reputation for their dedication to a strong academic program.

Eagan Montessori Academy Classrooms

We look forward to working with you to make your child’s experience at Eagan Montessori one of nurturing, discovery, growth, and fun! The partnership between home and the center is essential to the success of each infant in the child care program. There is so much information to impart as you and your child begin your Eagan Montessori experience. The following is some helpful information to get you started (This document is not meant to replace your Parent Policy Handbook or the forms in your child’s file. Those contain a much more complete picture of your rights and responsibilities as an Eagan Montessori family. You must read them as well.). Please see your Director or your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns. We encourage you to drop in or to call at any time. Your input, suggestions, and ideas help to make this program successful for you and your child.

Safety and nurturing are at the forefront of our Newborn Childcare. Your confidence and comfort are essential. In partnership with parents, our experienced caregivers maintain a healthy, creative environment, where your newborn will receive the excellent care and attention you expect. Together, we design each newborn’s experience at Eagan Montessori Academy South to support health and development. Both full-time and part-time infant care are available!

Montessori-inspired infant care programs can vary in their implementation, and they may not adhere to the same degree of structure as traditional Montessori classrooms for older children. The emphasis in these environments is on providing a nurturing and developmentally appropriate setting that respects the unique needs of infants and supports their early growth.

Infant Sweets: Newborn & Infant Care

The beauty of having your child start their early learning and development with us at EMAS is in the Infant Sweets. Most child care centers and schools have one large infant care room, that holds children between the ages of 6 weeks and 16 months. When our school opened in July 2014, we operated in similar fashion. However, after observing our school and children grow over the years, we decided it was best for the infant classroom to split into infant developmental stages, rather than holding the children in one classroom. In the Infant Sweets, there are 3 classrooms: Sweet 1, Sweet 2, and Sweet 3. We found that dividing the children into these three classroom that are specifically designed for each developmental stage was the best move for our newborns and infants at EMAS. In these classrooms, teachers are able to meet each child’s basic needs, as well as the needs of their cognitive, social–emotional, physical, and language development. The teachers in each classroom are trained on age–and–stage appropriate practices and activity and implement them into the daily routines of each newborn and infant.

Sweet 1 – Our Tiniest Classroom

This classroom holds only 8 newborns and infants at one time and complies with the staff-student ratio of 1:4 as do all of our infant classrooms. This classroom has the youngest of our students, starting from 6 weeks until they reach the crawling stage. This room focuses on tummy time, face-to-face interaction with teachers and snuggling. The room helps to solidify the bond between teacher and infant, and introduces the child to a group-care setting. This room participates in musical activities as well as simple art and sensory projects, and introduces some Baby Sign Language. In order to transition to Sweet 2, we strongly encourage the introduction to foods and high chair time. All Infant Sweets teachers keep records of your child’s activity on a daily sheet, and present a summary for the parents at pickup. There is not a set classroom schedule in Sweet 1, the teachers respond to each child’s cues as observed and as specified by the families.

Sweet 2 – Crawling Infant Classroom

This is perhaps the busiest of the Sweets, our Crawling Infant Classroom. The infants in this classroom are anxious to get moving; they love to explore the different textured flooring and toys, as well as the climbing apparatus. At this age, the children are more aware of their peers, and are encouraged by teachers to further develop their motor skills. Infants in this classroom also participate in art, sensory, and music activities. There are also sporadic times of story–telling and peek–a–boo. Baby Sign Language is continued in this classroom, and the teachers introduce new signs frequently. All of the children in this classroom eat in high chairs at various times throughout the day, and are bottle–fed as per each child’s individualized schedule. There is also no set classroom schedule, as each infant is different. EMAS Infant Sweets offers responsive, informed care to each infant as per their cues and parents’ requests.

Sweet 3 – Preparing for Transition to Toddler Classroom

As infants learn to walk, we recognize the emerging toddler and adapt to this transition, evaluating development for next steps and transition to the Toddler classroom. This room introduces sitting at the size-appropriate tables and chairs, cot sleeping and independent eating habits. Teachers lead more formal crafting and circle time activities to get children prepared for the Toddler classroom. Once a child reaches 18 months and exhibits readiness behaviors we move forward with the transitioning process. There is a classroom routine set in place and there are set group feeding times and a nap time. This benefits children by establishing the routines and expectations that are their next step.

We love being able to meet and anticipate our children’s needs in the Infant Sweets. These classrooms allow for us to spend more one–on–one time with each child, cultivate their learning, and grant us the opportunity to fulfill our passions. Thank you for considering our school for your prospective family. We hope to see you again soon.

For ages 16 months to 33 months, the Toddler classrooms are set into two groupings. We have designed the curriculum to best support specific development goals and needs. Each group, Toddler 1 & Toddler 2 are distinct in developmental milestones and educational approach. While needs and characteristics may be different, Toddlers share educational approach and foundational Montessori principles of respect for the child, a prepared environment an the importance of hands-on learning experiences. This approach recognizes that each child progresses at their own pace, and these age-grouped classrooms allow for more individualized guidance and support.

Toddler 1

Our youngest Toddlers are in this classroom, at 16 to 24 months.  They usually graduate from our Infant Sweet 2 program at age 16 to 18 months to be in this classroom. Here the teachers will encourage them to master more of the skills learned in the Sweet 2 program as they are in the early stages of toddlerhood and rapidly developing physically, emotionally and socially: learning to walk, talk and explore their world. The environment focuses on safety, nurturing, and trust-building, emphasizing attachment with educators. Activities support basic motor skills, language development and sensorial exploration. simple materials like rattles, soft toys and objects for grasping are provided. With emphasis on nurturing and care, the Montessori approach still encourages independence in areas like self feeding and self soothing. Students will be learning more age-appropriate academics including math, language, science, practical life and sign language along with a few Spanish words.

Toddler 2

Toddler 1 students get promoted to this classroom as they become more comfortable with the academics of Toddler 1 and are striving to become more independent. This developmental stage focuses on fostering independence, self-regulation and social skills. We encourage exploration and learning through hands-on experiences. This classroom is equipped with a wide range of developmentally appropriate materials that help children refine their motor skills, language and sensory perception. Activities often focus on practical life skills, and early math and language concepts. Here, children continue engaging with peers and developing social skills such as sharing, cooperation and conflict resolution. Independence is a central theme and children engage in activities that promote self-sufficiency.

For ages 33 months through 4 to 4-and-a-half years, the Preschool classrooms are set up into two sections.

Preschool 1

Toddler 2 students get promoted to this program. Most of the students in this classroom are fully potty trained.  Some students may be in the process of getting to the fully trained stage.  We encourage our students in this classroom to become more independent in their social skills and personal hygiene. Age-appropriate academics are taught in this classroom including introduction to writing and math concepts.

Preschool 2

In this classroom our students strive in many fields of education.  They are fully integrated into our Montessori Method of education along with our Creative Curriculum.  They are encouraged to work independently as well as in a group setting.  Language, math, science, geography, and  practical life skills are encouraged and they master the basic skills very well in this classroom setting.

This program is for all the students graduating from Preschool 2 in preparation to go into Kindergarten.

In PreK and Kindergarten classrooms, students strive in all areas of academics including language, math, science, geography and practical life. Students are encouraged to read age-appropriate books and do worksheets that will prepare them to be successful in Kindergarten. Children graduating from this program become leaders in the elementary school system because of how well prepared they are to join programs in both public and private schools.

In full-time Kindergarten, students strive to learn all the important academics and master behavior skills needed to help them excel in public or private elementary schools in their future school years. Our graduates from this program become leaders in classrooms in elementary schools. We are confident they will become excellent students and future leaders. Our program is accepted in all public schools around the country.

Eagan Montessori Academy Staff

Ms Ann, Eagan Montessori Academy, Amazing Beginnings Montessori

Ms. Ann Gilman. I am the administrator and CEO for Amazing Beginnings, Eagan Montessori Academy North (recently turned over to new management) and Eagan Montessori South schools. Now I am solely concentrating on Eagan Montessori Academy South and Amazing Beginnings Montessori in Inver Grove Heights. My husband, Dr. Phil of LifeSpring Wellness of Bloomington, and I have been married for 39 years and have two children. We have been living in Eagan for the past 23 years.

I first started working with Eagan Montessori about 16 years ago. I really enjoyed my work in the new career that I had chosen after working with my husband in his Chiropractic office for almost 20 years. So much so, that I decided to open a second school in 2009, Amazing Beginnings Montessori. Then again in 2016 I opened Eagan Montessori South.

As a child growing up in Sri-Lanka, I attended Montessori school and still remember some of my favorite Montessori activities. All my siblings attended Montessori schools in Sri-Lanka and they are all very successful adults in their chosen fields. I experienced firsthand the power of a good Montessori education. Even the founders of Google credited their success to their “Montessori experience,” in an interview they did with Barbra Walters. I am in this profession because I feel that our children are the future of the world, and I want to be a part of shaping that future. I do not take this job lightly. I take it upon myself, to travel to different states and foreign countries to visit other preschools and understand how different programs work. This experience helps me to incorporate the best of what I learn to make our schools the best they can be.

I look forward to getting to know all the parents and the students that attend all of my schools. My fervent prayer is that all the children who go through our schools will become wonderful, kind, loving and smart adults that will make amazing contributions to society, just because they spent their formative years at one of my Montessori schools.

Ms Ruchika, Eagan Montessori Academy, Amazing Beginnings Montessori

Ms. Ruchika Verma. I am the Regional Director for both Eagan Montessori Academy South and Amazing Beginnings Montessori in Inver Grove
Heights. I have been the lead Kindergarten teacher at Eagan Montessori Academy North and South for the last 14 years, I have had a significant and impactful career in education, contributing to the success and reputation of our schools. With 25-plus years of teaching experience I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. I have been instrumental in elevating the status of our schools, which is considered to be among the best. With such extensive experience, I have a deep understanding of education, student development, and the dynamics of school communities.

My educational background includes a Master of Education, a Director’s Credential, Montessori Certification, and I am a Professional Development Specialist. I have demonstrated my commitment to excellence in the field of education and have been honored to attend the graduation of my own kindergarten students who speak volumes about the lasting impact I have had on their lives. One of my students attends Stanford University, while several others are also attending distinguished universities. This is a testament to the quality of education and guidance I have in my career.

I am married to my husband, Sanjay, for over 30 years and we have raised two children into accomplished and well-rounded adults. As parents, we have instilled good values and provided support to help them achieve their dreams. We created a positive and encouraging environment for our family, much like I do within our school system.

Having a compassionate and loving family is a significant aspect of my life, and I am surrounded by wonderful people both at home and in our schools. My teaching career, which can be demanding at times, has given me many rewards and blessings. One of my greatest joys is when a past student stops by to see me and share their successes. Their visits leave me with a great feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Ms Rajbir, Eagan Montessori Academy, Amazing Beginnings Montessori

Ms. Rajbir Kaur. I am the Assistant Director of Eagan Montessori Academy South (EMAS). I am also the Lead Teacher for our Preschool 2 classroom. I have had the honor of being part of the EMAS community for over five years. My education includes a master’s in computer science, a bachelor’s degree in education, and the Montessori teaching certification for preschool students.

My background provides a diverse skill set for my position. I enjoy teaching my students while having the ability to bring in new ideas to share with them. It is extremely rewarding to see the positive impact my work has had on my students.

I have a daughter who is in the third grade, and she received her early childhood education here at EMAS. I believe in the Montessori philosophy of imparting an educational environment at a very young age. Montessori education emphasizes a child-centered approach, individualized learning, and the development of the child’s natural curiosity, ability, and independence.

My passion for working with children gives me great pleasure to be working here at Eagan Montessori Academy South.

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Parent Reviews

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional work and dedication you have shown as educators and caregivers at Eagan Montessori. I want you to know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The impact you have had on my children’s lives is immeasurable, and I am truly grateful for the care, guidance, and educational experiences you provide. Each day, I am amazed at the love and patience you demonstrate in helping our children grow and learn. From the very first day, you welcomed my children with open arms, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that allowed them to thrive. The individual attention and support you have given them have fostered their personal growth and boosted their self-confidence. It is evident that you genuinely care about each child’s well-being, not only academically but also emotionally and socially.

I want to express my appreciation for [Mrs. Ruchika, Mrs. C, Mr. Yang, Mr. Willie and the rest of the great teachers who were there with them for the last two years who have made a significant impact on my children’s lives. Their dedication, creativity, and passion for teaching have ignited a love for learning in my children that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, I admire Eagan Montessori’s commitment to do different fun activities on Summer time, the great holiday party and graduation party that parents are involve. The emphasis on holistic development and cultivating well-rounded individuals is truly commendable.

Your dedication and hard work have not only influenced my children but have also had a profound impact on our entire family. The joy and excitement my children bring home every day are a testament to the positive atmosphere you have created. I am grateful for the lasting friendships they have made and the memories they have cherished under your care. Please know that our family is here to support you in any way we can. Our unwavering support is a reflection of the trust and confidence we have in your ability to provide an exceptional education and nurture the minds and hearts of our children.

In closing, I want to express my deepest appreciation for the incredible work you do at Eagan Montessori. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to our children’s education are truly remarkable. We are privileged to have such an exceptional school and team of educators shaping the lives of our children. With heartfelt thanks.

Fareda Hossein

We have had a great experience at the Eagan Montessori Academy – South. We first visited EMAS when we were still fairly early in the process of adopting our son. We had heard that many daycares had long waitlists and that we might have a hard time finding care given our uncertain timeline. Fortunately for us, we met Ms. Ruchika. She was incredibly kind about our circumstance and personally made sure that we had a spot when our son was born.

After our son started attending EMAS, we continued to get great treatment from EMAS leadership and teachers. Ms. Ruchika always checks in on our son, checks in with us regularly, and has been highly responsive anytime we had a concern. The teachers are also genuinely wonderful people who treat the kids like their own family. Ms. Swathi, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Sophia, and Ms. Melissa were especially kind to us as we got adjusted to the day-to-day routine of daycare.

We love that our son is happy to see his teachers when he gets to school every day. Our son has learned so much from the EMAS Montessori approach, where kids are encouraged to explore and be as independent as possible (always with appropriate supervision). He is ahead of milestones in many areas thanks in no small part to his great teachers.

We also appreciate that the teachers do such a good job at creating the kind of structure that kids need to thrive. Especially in the 3-to 5 year old classrooms, it is amazing to see so many little kids so calm and organized and engaged. As a diverse family, we also value that EMAS is welcoming to kids and families from all backgrounds. We researched/visited many other daycares in the area and this was clearly the best choice for our family.

Michael V.

Our kids (4.5 & 2yrs) love Eagan Montessori South. The teachers are loving and kind and the curriculum is amazing. After touring many different daycare centers we decided on EMS and haven’t regretted it. The kids are learning so much here and have a lot of fun every day. My daughter has trouble with drop offs but her teachers are right there to make her feel comfortable. She even asks about them at home. My son loves his teachers too and he’s already writing his name after only 4 weeks. I highly recommend this Montessori!

Candice Long

Eagan Montessori provides a wonderful and enriching environment for children. My daughter started attending at 29 months and has blossomed in the time she has been there. The teachers provide so much care and individual attention. She has a lot of very specific dietary needs and they have been great at working with us and making sure she sticks to her diet. They also do a great job with potty training.

We love Eagan Montessori Academy South and I feel so at ease knowing my daughter is in such good hands while I am at work!

Meg Culotta

EMAS is a wonderful place with an amazing staff of highly caring and trained teachers! We have three children that attend EMAS and they look forward to going to see “their friends and their teachers.” There is nothing more important than finding a child care that not only cares for your child, but truly loves them and provides Montessori. Our children have been in all the different age groups at EMAS, from infant to PK, and we have been really happy. Their facility is bright and happy, the kids go outside (which is huge for us) with safe and fun play equipment, they provide field trips, a monthly calendar with awesome activities, enrichment activities, holiday celebrations, learning units, and so much more. I have to thank the amazing teachers and their dedication. They love my children and give me the peace of mind to be able to go to work and not worry about the care of my children. I would recommend them and have recommended them. We simply love them. You will not be disappointed.

Ginny Cronin Lunderby

We LOVE Eagan Montessori South! My daughter started going in September in the Pre–K classroom, and she has grown so much! I was worried about sending her to a glorified day care where she would have lunch, play outside, and take a nap. That is not the case AT ALL here! She has learned so much, and is so prepared to enter kindergarten next year. She’s already doing math and reading, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the amazing teachers here! You can tell this is so much more than just a job for them. They love these kids as there own, and are phenomenal!

RRA McDaniel

I am a person that does not do well with change so the decision to switch my toddler to a different school was overwhelmingly scary. That being said she is now into her second month and I could not be happier&33; As a mom it is such an amazing feeling to drop off a child that isn’t screaming and trying to chase me out the door. The amazing staff made sure her transition went smoothly and I can tell she is learning so much. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for the best for their child! Thank you Eagan Montessori for all you do!

Gabie Cacicia

My daughter started here in the infant room about 2 months ago and we couldn’t be happier with the care being provided! The director has been great to work with and the teachers are amazing. You can tell that they truly enjoy what they do and care about the children. They work closely with you for any child specific needs/requests. My daughter is always smiling at drop off and pick up. You can tell that she is learning something new everyday because at home she is constantly “talking” and getting stronger with tummy time. Would highly recommend!

Jema Marsolek